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Taxation, Tax Planning, Audits, and Real Estate Tax Appeals

Taxes and Planning

When starting and/or operating a closely held business there are many questions and issues that need to be addressed such as those regarding what type of entity the business should be, what is the best way to finance the business, who gets to make the business decisions and what happens if one of the owners die, become disabled, or divorced. Even from the beginning, long-term planning including business succession planning must be taken into account. Questions of this nature require extensive knowledge in the complex areas of business law and tax law. The knowledgeable and experienced attorneys at the law firm of Gerstein, Grayson & Cohen are able to provide business owners with sophisticated advice in the areas of tax and business planning for “C” corporations, “S” corporations, limited liability companies (LLCs) and partnerships. We are committed to helping our clients structure their entities and their transactions in a way that achieves the best results under federal, state and local tax laws while minimizing risk and liability to themselves.

Business planning requires careful consideration in a number of different areas. The business law attorneys at Gerstein Grayson Cohen & Melletz can provide you with advice regarding the selection of the correct type of entity for your circumstances, in order to provide you with the maximum tax benefit and maximum protection from liability. We can assist you with the purchase and sale of an entity as well as with business succession planning, tax planning, mergers and acquisitions, the organization and reorganization of partnerships and LLCs, and with structuring and implementing financing transactions.

The business law attorneys at Gerstein Grayson Cohen & Melletz have earned a reputation for providing our clients with innovative and pragmatic solutions for their company’s goals as well as for corporate and partnership tax planning. Our extensive knowledge of business and tax law enables us to anticipate a variety of circumstances, so as to help you reduce the odds of you and your entity being subject to tax audits and investigations. Should, however, any audits or disputes arise, we have the required knowledge and experience to represent you before the Internal Revenue Service and the New Jersey Division of Taxation.

Whether you are just beginning to form a new business, a well-established organization , are considering the purchase of a new or another business or the sale, merger or dissolution of your business , the experienced, knowledgeable team of business law attorneys at Gerstein Grayson Cohen & Melletz are able to help you with all of the preparation, negotiations and documentation needed to ensure that your tax transaction is structured in the most beneficial way possible.

Many individuals and businesses only deal with tax issues when completely necessary. Year round Tax Planning services will help you to make sure that your documentation is up to date, all of your deductions are easily itemized, and there will be no unexpected charges. We specialize in real estate tax appeals and Tax Planning.

At Gerstein Grayson Cohen & Melletz we understand that planning and preparing taxes, or going through an audit can be a daunting process. Whether you need us to prepare your state and federal returns, or you’re simply looking for advice on how to best get your business ready for next year’s busy tax season, Gerstein Grayson Cohen & Melletz can help.

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