Estate Planning Overview

Estate Planning, Retirement, Trusts, Wills, and Estate Administration

Estate Planning

Many people hear the words “estate planning” and believe that it is for wealthy individuals only, but in truth, it is an essential step that everybody should take in order to ensure that their final wishes regarding their property - as well as their...
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Construction Law Overview

Negotiation and preparation of contracts and other documents, Construction Lien Claims, Prosecution and Defense of Construction Defect Claims.


The construction of a building, whether for residential or commercial purposes, as well as home improvements and improvements to an existing building involves many different participants as does the construction of site improvements, additions and...
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Taxation and Planning Overview

Taxation, Tax Planning, Audits, and Real Estate Tax Appeals

Taxes and Planning

When starting and/or operating a closely held business there are many questions and issues that need to be addressed such as those regarding what type of entity the business should be, what is the best way to finance the business, who gets...
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Special Education Services

Educational Matters such as IEP Meetings, Special Education Issues, Expulsions/Suspensions, and SAT or State Testing Accommodations, Residency Disputes, Disputes with Private Schools, Colleges and Universities.
Gerstein Grayson Cohen & Melletz LLP represents parents and students in Special Education and other disputes with public and private schools. Our firm advocates on behalf of parents and...
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